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Getting Your Smile Its Edge Back: How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last?

October 13, 2023

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Cosmetic bonding can be an excellent solution to minor flaws in teeth like chips, cracks, gaps, or stains that do not respond to teeth whitening. The procedure can be done in minutes during a routine dental appointment, is among the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments, and requires no anesthesia beforehand or recovery period afterward. If you’ve gotten your teeth bonded, you might wonder how long you can expect the bond to last. Here’s what you should know about the lifespan of a cosmetic bond as well as how to make it last for as long as possible.

How Long Can I Expect Cosmetic Bonding to Last?

During a cosmetic bonding treatment, your dentist will apply composite resin to the flaw in your tooth. This is the same material that is used in tooth-colored fillings, and it forms a strong bond with your natural enamel. This material will be shaped to match the contours of your tooth and hardened with a special UV light. Cosmetic bonding is a durable but not completely permanent treatment. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of the procedure for up to seven years.

How Can I Make My Cosmetic Bonding Last Longer?

After having your tooth repaired with cosmetic bonding, you’ll probably want the results to last for as long as they possibly can. Here are a few tips to keep your bond functioning beautifully in the long run:

  • Refrain from putting unnecessary pressure on the treated tooth. When eating hard or crunchy foods, take care not to bite down using your bonded tooth. Never use your teeth as tools to open packages or bottles, and be sure to never chew on fingernails, pen caps, ice, or other non-food items.
  • Prevent stains by avoiding foods and beverages that are high in dyes or pigments. These include tea, coffee, colas, red wine, sports drinks, berries, fruity candies, and similar items.
  • Quit smoking. Tobacco is notorious for staining teeth.
  • Stay on top of proper oral hygiene and regular dental appointments. Every day, be sure to brush at least twice, floss, and use antibacterial mouthwash.

What Can Reduce the Lifespan of My Cosmetic Bonding?

Certain circumstances can make it harder for cosmetic bonding to last for a long time. Some of these include:

  • A misaligned bite can put uneven pressure on the teeth. This can strain and wear down a cosmetic bond.
  • Grinding your teeth in response to stress or involuntarily while sleeping can put a lot of unnecessary wear and stress on your teeth. Use a mouthguard to protect your bond and the rest of your smile if you can’t break the habit.
  • A bond placed on the edge of a tooth will probably bear more pressure than a bond placed anywhere else. This makes it more likely to crack.

With proper care and consideration, cosmetic bonding can be a long-term solution for minor flaws in your teeth. Consulting with your dentist can determine if cosmetic bonding is the right treatment for you.

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