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Traditional Braces Marlton, NJ

Straighten Teeth for Beautiful Smiles

Closeup of smile with traditional bracesYou have always wanted a straight, beautiful smile, but you have yet to make the investment in your confidence. Often, it is believed that properly aligned teeth are purely for cosmetic purposes, but it also improves your oral health. To promote your self-esteem and the health of your teeth and gums, traditional braces in Marlton, NJ are the most affordable and effective solution. At South Jersey Center for Dental Medicine, we offer the orthodontic system for children, teens, and adults using a personalized treatment plan.

Invest in Your Oral Health

The alignment of your teeth is not just important for your self-esteem, but your dental health as well. When the teeth are not in their ideal positions, it makes them more difficult to clean, increasing your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Not to mention, a poorly aligned bite can also lead to issues with the temporomandibular joint, which can cause many painful symptoms and decrease your quality of life.

You can resolve the complications by investing in braces. Your orthodontist in Marlton, Dr. Joseph A. Sandberg will create a customized treatment plan to give you a straight, healthy smile.

Get a Straight Smile Today

Traditional braces have been used for well over 100 years because they are effective for resolving even the most complex bite and alignment issues. Metal brackets are attached to the front surface of the teeth, which hold a metal archwire in place. Rubber bands are placed on the brackets to hold the archwire in position. Throughout your treatment, adjustments are made to the wire to gradually pull your teeth into their ideal positions. These appointments are usually scheduled about two to three weeks apart.

During your treatment, you will need to practice proper oral hygiene, paying careful attention when cleaning around the brackets and wires. In addition, it is best to avoid sticky or overly hard foods, which can cause damage to the braces and your teeth.

Although it may feel a bit unusual after they are first put on your teeth, after a few days, you will become accustom to speaking and eating with them in place. Your treatment duration will vary based on your individual needs; however, the average length is about 18 to 24 months. After your braces are removed, you will need to wear a retainer for a brief time to prevent your teeth from moving back into their previous positions.

Benefit from an Affordable Solution

Now, several advancements in orthodontics provide an array of treatment systems. While they are effective, traditional braces remain the most affordable solution that provides the more reliable results. Not to mention, they can be made to be less noticeable with the use of special materials, like tooth-colored brackets.

Invest in Your Smile Today!

If you are ready to get the smile that you have always wanted, it is time to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Sandberg. With more than 30 years of experience, he has the solutions you need for a straight smile.