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Our Oral Health Savings Plan

No Insurance? No Problem!

tooth model on the tableEveryone wants an attractive and healthy smile. Now, even if you don’t have dental insurance, we can help. This is not an insurance, but a membership plan that provides discounts on all of our dental procedures. It also includes two exams and two cleanings, along with check-up x-rays each year.

How Does it Work?

Annual Membership Fees

Membership Includes:

Save $86 - $111 on cleanings & checkups and up to $500 on any other dental treatment.

Compare to Traditional Insurance

Terms and Conditions

In order to offer the substantial savings plan, we must adhere to the following policies:


Procedure fee courtesies offered under this plan shall not apply to any treatment already in progress prior to enrollment in the plan and may not be combined with dental insurance benefits, any other discounts, promotions or financing plans.