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Sip Safely: 3 Tips to Preserve Your Smile This New Year’s Eve

December 26, 2023

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The holidays have arrived with their usual festive fanfare. This is the perfect time to release this year’s trials and tribulations with gratitude while ushering in hope for new beginnings this January. It’s common to want to let loose and enjoy drinks with family or friends while you count down to the new year. Unfortunately, though, alcohol can have a detrimental impact on your teeth!

While proper preventative care is the best way to avoid hurting your grin, there are a few additional things you can do to keep your pearly whites safe. If you’re planning on being at that big bash this year, keep reading for 3 tips on how you can enjoy a few drinks without hurting your smile!

Tip #1: Brush Your Teeth Beforehand

If you’re enjoying red wine and notice your teeth have turned ruddy, you might be tempted to step away for a few minutes to brush them. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. Wine is acidic which means it wears down your enamel which can then be damaged by the bristles in your toothbrush. It may seem counter-intuitive, but try brushing and flossing in advance, instead. This removes plaque buildup so that the alcohol your drink doesn’t have anything to cling to. When you take care of your teeth ahead of time, they’re more protected against the dangerous effects of drinking.

Tip #2: Chase Your Beverage with Water

You’ve just learned how acid in alcohol can erode your teeth but fortunately, you can mitigate the impact by chasing your drink with a glass of water. It has a neutral pH balance that counteracts the low pH of alcohol, so your pearly whites don’t suffer.  

Plus, alcohol is a diuretic which means it can leave you dehydrated. Unhealthy bacteria have more opportunity to thrive in a dry mouth, so enjoying a cool, refreshing glass of H2O keeps you moist and flushes away unwanted germs.

Tip #3: Eat While You Drink

Saliva is your mouth’s natural disinfectant but when you drink alcohol, it tends to dry up. When you chew food, however, your body will generate more spit to help digest it. Though that glass of champagne might dry you out, pairing it with something to eat helps keep your mouth moist. On top of that, some foods contain ingredients that benefit your oral well-being. Cheese, for example, contains calcium that keeps your chompers strong while many colorful vegetables have vitamin C for gum health.

Now that you know how to safely enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration, you’ll step into 2024 with a happy, wholesome smile!

About the Author

Dr. Vidya Kini Kukkundur has 13 years of experience providing top-tier dental care to patients of all ages. She graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 2008 and offers a full range of services to meet all your oral health needs under one roof. Whether you’d like a checkup and professional cleaning or require more complex treatments, she can help! You’re welcome to request an appointment on the website or by contacting the office at (856) 596-4333.

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